The Sophia Way | Holiday Volunteering
Assisting women from homelessness to stable independent living.
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Holiday Volunteering

We are fortunate to receive so many requests to volunteer during the holiday season, especially on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day! And we do have volunteer opportunities related to these holidays.

December 11th-15th (timing somewhat flexible): helping to sort, count, and bag gifts for the women in our programs. Looking for about 10 volunteers throughout the week. Please let us know your specific availability.

December 13th, morning-early afternoon: Picking up gifts from the Microsoft Giving Trees. We will need an additional 10-15 volunteers, preferably with vehicles, to help us pick up the gifts from various buildings at Microsoft’s campus in Redmond and deliver them back to our office in Bellevue.

December 13th, afternoon: Sorting and counting gifts from the Microsoft Giving Trees. We would love at least 10 volunteers for this afternoon project.

If you are interested or have any questions, contact Volunteer Coordinator Tara Noyes or call 425-463-6285 ext. 104.

Group Projects

We already have volunteer groups scheduled to clean and decorate our shelter this season, but we are happy to schedule special group projects (with limited availability) throughout the year.

We would love a group to volunteer to do something special for our clients for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, or any less celebrated times throughout the year!

For more information, click here or email to schedule your group project.

Holiday Gifting

We are also still looking for some additional donations of items to include in our holiday gift bags for the women in our programs.

View the list of Holiday Gift items our clients can use and need or email our Holiday Coordinator Pat Landy for more information on donating holiday gifts.

If you are interested in providing meals, we encourage you to sign up as far in advance as possible, especially if you have a specific date in mind!
You can also sign up to volunteer at our Day Center,

which primarily involves serving meals.